Organic Sketchpad

Organic Sketchpad is an application for Android™ which provides an environment in which you can easily put together organic compounds. With just a few taps, you can create organic compounds, generate its name, take a screenshot (for use in lesson plans, demonstrations, etc.), and much more.

You can download Organic Sketchpad or view the most recent updates.


Chemify is an application for Android that makes chemistry simple. Want to find out what happens when you combine NaCl and Ag(NO3)? Want to know if HCl is soluble? Or find tons of chemistry resources? Then Chemify is for you – it’s your all-in-one chemistry tool which will make life for any chemistry student, enthusiast, or teacher easy!

You can download Chemify or view the most recent updates.


BanMePlease is a plugin for Bukkit (Minecraft) which patches a vulnerability that allows players to change their gamemode without the consent of an administrator. BanMePlease has been put to use on over 1,000 servers, and makes the job of an admin easier – just install the plugin and it will automatically ban anybody who abuses a bug or exploit that allows them to change their gamemode. Works on any server running Bukkit (or MCPC) and Minecraft 1.2.5-current.

You can download BanMePlease on its BukkitDev page.

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